Warm Up

10 exercise for | 1 set

10 exercises for 30 seconds each

1a. Static Pull up

Hold for Max time | 5 Sets

Start with chin above the bar. If you can't hold for at least 5 seconds modify with your foot on a bench.  

1b. Single Arm Tricep Extension

10-12 reps | 5 Sets

Start with the weight overhead.  Bicep to your ear and use your head as a guide.  Slowly lower the weight just behind your head and back up.

1c. Lawnmowers

10-12 reps each arm | 5 Sets

Get into a deep lunge and keep your forearm on your knee.  Jack the weight up high and keep your elbow in.

1d. Tricep Kickbacks

10-12 reps each arm | 5 Sets

Go into a lunge and raise elbow high.  Kickback the weight until straight.  Try not to throw the weight.

1e. Single Arm Suspended Row

10-12 reps each arm | 5 Sets

Try not to use momentum.  Focus on keeping the elbow tight to the body and finish with wrist touching your chest.

1f. Diamond Push ups

max reps | 5 Sets

Keep hands under the chest and try to get wrists to touch your chest

2a. L Crunches

12 reps each side | 5 Sets

12 each side. Make sure to reach all the way back and get your elbow off the ground when sitting up.  Make sure bottom leg is off the ground

2b. Body Saw

10-12 reps | 5 Sets

Don’t sag your hips and try to extend as far back as possible