Cardio Warm Up

5- 10 Minutes | 1 set

Do any type of cardio as a warm up (job, bike, row, jump rope, shadow box etc.)

1. 17 Way Walks

20 yards each exercise | 1 set

17 exercises for 20 yds (1 Down Block, 2 Single Leg Cross, 3Lunge Twist, 4  Step Back Lunge w/ reach, 5 Alternating Squats, 6 Squat Walk Fwdd, 7 Squat Walk Back, 8 Side Squat Walk right, 9 Side Squat Walk Left, 10 Low Frog Hop Forward, 11 Low Frog Hop Backward, 12 Bunny Walk Forward, 13 Bunny Walk Backward, 14 Side Hand Walk Right, 15 Side hand Walk Left, 16 Inchworm w/ Pushup, 17 Inchworm to Hip Heist to Bunny Walk)

2. Suspended Runners

5 min round (15 seconds on 15 seconds off) | 1 set

Lift your butt off the ground and run your feet.   You should feel it in the hamstrings, glutes and even the calf

3a. Lunge Curl Press

20 yards | 5 sets

Stay in the lunge until you fully complete the Lunge and Curl.  Try to pop right into another lunge without bringing your feet together.  Your knee should just be slightly off the ground.

3b. Arnolds

10-12 reps | 5 Sets

Start with weights under the chin. Make sure when pressing overhead you turn the weights out.

4a.  Stability Ball Tuck To Hip up

30-45 seconds | 5 Sets

Keep butt off the ground and push thru the heels

4b.  Shrugs

20 reps | 5 Sets

Keep arms straight and lift shoulders to your ears.

5.  Body Saw

100 reps | 1 set

Try to do Reps of Ten with only a few second breaks