This program is an online fitness format that was developed by Professional Athlete and Coach Nick “The Patriot” Janowitz. This program consists of the methods that have helped Nick to accomplish things such as breaking world records and competing at the Professional level. Patriot Made online is broken down into specific categories based off the athlete’s needs and requests. This program holds the athlete/client accountable as in Personal Training. It also has the group support and community you may find in a group class or even team sport.  This program stresses the importance of being consistent and it holds everyone accountable. I look forward to building a relationship with you and watching you crush your goals!

Getting Started

First thing you need to do is fill out our online questionnaire. Once this is filled out Nick will look it over and set you up with everything from workouts to nutrition.    

Second, you can Download the MARCO POLO app. Once you have downloaded the app and set up your profile make sure you text Nick at 773-729-7043 to let him know. Then he will be able to communicate via video. This is one of our main forms of communication since it's easy to send and receive videos.    

What To Expect

Each Program has 4 workouts that you are expected to complete every week.    You need to find time to complete your 4 workouts in 7 days.   Most workouts should only take about 1 hour to complete. These workouts will be repeated for 3-4 weeks depending on the month. After 3-4 weeks of the same program you will be given 1 week of Patriot Volume Training (PVT). PVT is an exercise formula that Nick Janowitz designed in order to continue to progress and accomplish his goals he set for himself.   This format allows for consistent jumps physically and mentally.  These workouts are how we measure our progress and prevent us from plateauing. After your week of PVT you will start your new workouts for another 3-4 weeks.  

Your Expectations

1.  Don’t lie!!!!  Even if you mess up on the eating or exercise by falling off it’s ok.   The more honest you are with yourself and us, the better we can work together.   We all have slip ups from time to time and we need to know if you did.

2.  Do the workouts!!!!  It’s that simple.  The workouts should take no longer than an hour.  Everyone has 1 hour in a day.   Saying you didn’t have time isn’t an excuse.   Your planning was the problem.   Almost everything we do can be done in the confines of your house.  If you have a problem with an exercise just let us know and we can modify it.

3.  Be interactive with Nick.  The more you share about your day the more motivating and fun this journey will become.   Each day is different and our topics/focus will change each day.  

4.  You will also need to subscribe to our YouTube channel       to find videos of the exercises that you will be performing.  You will also be able to find your program right here at  If you are on Instagram please follow Nick.  His username is @nick_the_patriot_janowitz as he posts a lot of tips on his page.  You can also communicate with Nick via email and text.

5.  Each person is required to email their registration form/questionnaire to  These numbers and questions will always be confidential unless you are willing to share your accomplishments.  

6.  Keep a positive Attitude and Have Fun!!!!! This is a very fun program and we are excited you are here!

Equipment Requirements

If you have access to a gym, then you should be set.   However, if you plan on doing this at home then you will need a few pieces of equipment.

1. Pull up bar (Depending on what type you want they range in price from $25-$50.   The ones that hang in between the doorway are just fine.)

2.  Suspension Strap (Either a TRX strap or my favorite is the Jungle Gym XT by Lifeline. It’s very durable and easy to use.  They range in price based on the brands from around $30 - $100. I still have a few used ones you can buy for $50.)

3.  Bench (I recommend one that can incline and decline.  The cost is around $100 for a good one.)

4.  Dumbbells (One set of light weights around 3-5 lbs and a set of heavier weights that you can use for benching and squatting.   Instead of buying a whole bunch of weights you can find adjustable dumbbells that cost anywhere from $150-$350.   It really depends on how much you can lift and what is comfortable.)

5.  Exercise Bands (It’s always a good thing to have a few bands.   Especially if you don’t have many options as far as dumbbells.)

6. Gliders (these can be furniture mover saucers or paper plates if using carpet or hand towels if on tile/hardwood.   I use furniture mover saucers from Home Depot.)

7. Stability ball/Yoga ball (these are very inexpensive and only cost ab