Warm up/Cardio

10 minutes | 1 Set

Do any type of Cardio for 10 minutes

1a. Mountain Climbers on Gliders

30-45 seconds | 5 Sets

Keep a flat back and squeeze the abs.  Try getting a full range of motion.

1b.   L Crunches

12 reps | 5 Sets

12 each side. Make sure to reach all the way back and get your elbow off the ground when sitting up

1c. Incline Bench

10-12 Reps | 5 Sets

Get a full range of motion.  Slow on the down.  

1d. Plank Twist

30-45 Seconds | 5 Reps

Try to limit the rocking.  Keep legs straight and raise heels to the ceiling

1e. Plank Jacks on Sliders

30-45 Seconds | 5 Sets

Make sure you don't sag your hips.  Squeeze abs and

1f. Bench Press

10-12 reps | 5 Sets

Get a full range of motion.   Slow on the way down

2. Stretch

10 min | 1 Set

Stretch your whole body for 10 minutes