1. 17 Way Walks

20 yds | 1 set each

17 exercises for 20 yds (1 Down Block, 2 Single Leg Cross, 3Lunge Twist, 4  Step Back Lunge w/ reach, 5 Alternating Squats, 6 Squat Walk Fwdd, 7 Squat Walk Back, 8 Side Squat Walk right, 9 Side Squat Walk Left, 10 Low Frog Hop Forward, 11 Low Frog Hop Backward, 12 Bunny Walk Forward, 13 Bunny Walk Backward, 14 Side Hand Walk Right, 15 Side hand Walk Left, 16 Inchworm w/ Pushup, 17 Inchworm to Hip Heist to Bunny Walk

2a. Pull ups

max reps | 5 sets

Full Range of Motion.  Need to get a minimum of 10 reps then go immediately to rope slams

2b. Rope Slams

45 Seconds | 5 Sets

As soon as you drop from pull ups slam the rope as hard and fast as possible.  After 45 seconds take a 30 second break

3a. Lawnmowers

10-12 reps each arm | 5 Sets

Get in a deep lunge and pull hard.  Should be a heavy weight.  Once your done with one arm go right into 3a single arm band rows before switching to the other arm.

3b. Single arm band Rows

30 each arm | 5 sets

Pull hard and fast.  Focus on speed.

4a. Cable Pull Downs

10-12 reps | 5 Sets

Full Range of Motion.  Need to get a minimum of 10 reps then go straight into chest to ground burpees

4b. Burpees

45 seconds | 5 Sets

Go as fast as possible for 45 seconds

5. Body Saws

100 reps | 1set

Do as many as you can.  Rest no longer than 10 seconds.  Get the same range of motion for each.   Quality saws!