Warm Up

10 exercise for | 1 set

10 exercises for 30 seconds each

1. 17 Way Walks

17 Exercises for 20 yds | 1 set of each

work on range of motion and try keeping good form

2a. Leg Press

8-10 reps | 5 sets

On the leg press machine get a good range of motion.  

2b. Scarecrows

12-15 reps | 5 sets

keep a 90 degree bend in your elbows.  

2c. Lunge Curl Press

20 yards | 5 sets

Lunge 20 yards.  Stay in a deep lunge until you have curled and pressed.  

2d.  In and Out Curl

12 reps | 5 sets

Keep your elbows in tight.  Curl up then curl out.  

2e. In and Out Flys

12 reps | 5 sets

Keep a staggered stance and arms straight

2f. RDL

10-12 reps| 5 sets

keep slight bend in knees and keep weights close to your body.  Push through your heels

3. Wall Stretch

5-10 minutes | 1 set

Keep your legs against the wall and try going wider every minute.  Flex your quads for 10 seconds every minute