1.Cardio Burn out

10 minutes | 1 set

On the Air Dyne or Rower.   Go all out for 20 seconds and rest for 10 seconds.  Repeat for Ten Minutes.  20 on 10 off

2a. Body Saw

12 Reps | 5 Sets

Try to straighten your arms as much as you can when going backwards.  Do not sag your hips

2b. Overhead Tricep Extension

10-12 Reps | 5 sets

Keep your bicep tight to your head by locking out your shoulder

3a. Incline Bench Leg Raises

12 reps | 5 Sets

grab back of bench, keep legs straight and hip up at the top

3b.  Single arm Tricep Kickbacks

10-12 Reps| 5 sets

Stay in a deep lunge with your forearm on your thigh.   Jack your elbow up and kickback the weight

4a. L Crunches

12 reps | 5 sets

make sure bottom leg is off the ground

4b. Kneeling Single arm Landmine Press

10-12 reps | 5 sets

In a kneeling lunge squeeze your abs while pressing up